24/7 tap water at a reasonable price

Vitens knows about drinking water. At Vitens more than 1,400 people work day and night on the production and delivery of top quality tap water against a low price. And we invest each year considerably in our infrastructure and in the supply of drinking water for the future. The intelligent water grid in the province of Friesland is a good showcase. This project connects technological innovation with customer awareness. We will proceed in doing so in our own country and across borders, in partnerships with partner water suppliers and other social and business partners.  

The guarantee of tap water in future

Vitens is determined to contribute as much as is in its power to protect natural drinking water sources and water management in the Netherlands and abroad. We have a lot of technological knowledge which we will deploy even more in order to take care of the availability of clean drinking water. We will do this by controlling the quality of our sources and start action programmes to improve this. We are getting better insight in the condition of our infrastructure which is an important condition for effective asset management. And we use our expertise in places in other countries where clean drinking water is not as common as in the Netherlands.

Tailor made service

Since 2015 digital data help us to know more about the behaviour of our clients than before when developing policies and solving calamities. Further more we invest in improving the answering of questions and complaints via our customers service teams. We actively communicate with our clients who become more critical via social media. Good use of all data which are delivered by these activities teach us what we do well and on which points we can improve. We also invest in digital development and new technology as well in the field of infrastructure as in knowing our customers.