Vitens has an unwavering continuity objective underlying its primary task: ‘the production, distribution and supply of drinking water 24/7’. This objective is the wide and solid foundation of our company. Vitens regards everything we need for this as the basis and makes no concessions in this respect. Vitens guarantees its customers they can blindly trust reliability of drinking water delivery, and that the water is of optimum quality and available at the lowest possible price. To this end, Vitens does not stop working on optimum services and on clean and available sources.

Clean and available sources

Vitens sees to it that the ground water sources, the origin of our tap water, are kept clean. This means that the ground and everything above it has to be clean too. Vitens therefore commits itself to achieving a clean environment, a proper use of the soil, and protecting the water quality, so that future generations can enjoy drinking water too. Vitens does this together with its customers and with the water boards, agricultural organisations, companies, authorities, nature organisations, non-governmental organisations and other drinking water companies – always at a regional level, often at a national level, and sometimes at an international level.

Optimum services

Vitens wants to improve the services for its customers to the level of perfection. It is all about satisfied customers who can arrange for their water issues smoothly and who can rely on high-quality drinking water at the lowest possible rate, 24/7. As a primary need, drinking water should be affordable and remain affordable to everyone.