Vitens stands for reliable and affordable drinking water 24/7, now and in the future, for water is an indispensable source of life. Vitens is right at the heart of society. We cannot do our job without our environment. We are continuously in close contact with our supervisory bodies, suppliers and social partners – and with our customers of course: 5.6 million residential and business customers.


Vitens wants to get customers involved in what it does, to improve its services. To this end, Vitens regularly invites customers to hear at first hand about their experiences with Vitens and about any improvements Vitens should make. Additionally, Vitens customers are often curious about what is going on in our production plants. Normally, these plants are not accessible to the customer, but Vitens regularly opens its doors so that everybody can see how drinking water is made.

Youngsters and schools

Vitens wants to create awareness among children and youngsters of the value of tap water and promote the availability of tap water to children in schools. This is why Vitens has set up a programme for ‘tap water schools’ with an online knowledge platform www.waterkennis.nl for primary education. In addition, Vitens employees often act as guest lecturers.

Provincial and municipal authorities

With its 96 production plants, its 49,000-kilometre water mains network, and its 3,000-hectare water extraction area Vitens has a clear presence above and under the ground. From this position, the drinking water interests continuously touch and overlap the interests of regional and local stakeholders, such as municipalities and provinces. For this reason, consultation and collaboration with parties is essential in the projects we